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Marking & Measuring

Edding 751 Gloss Paint Marker

Drawing and decorating on smooth surfaces has never been easier when using edding paint markers. With the marker's 1-2 mm thick round and soft nib you can create detailed inscriptions and decorations on glass surfaces, shiny metal surfaces and plastic. Its opaque ink provides good coverage and is perfectly durable.
£4.85 incl VAT

Edding 8750 industry Paint Maker

Where engines run and heavy machinery is at use, oily, greasy and soiled surfaces cannot always be avoided. Luckily the edding 8750 industry paint marker is well prepared for that - its highly permanent and very resistant ink marks those surfaces in oil, metal and other heavy industries.
£5.58 incl VAT

Edding 950 Industry Painter

Operating a well-functioning business can sometimes be a bit tough, especially when it involves rough, soiled, rusty or wet materials. For those occasions, the edding 950 industry painter is the go to option.
£6.54 incl VAT