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JASIC: Shaping the Future of Welding and Cutting

JASIC is a dynamic and innovative company that has carved a prominent niche in the welding and cutting industry. With a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to excellence, JASIC has become a recognized name in the world of welding equipment and solutions.

Founded on a vision of driving change and innovation, JASIC has rapidly evolved to offer cutting-edge welding and cutting equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiasts. Our products are not just tools; they are the building blocks of precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Jasic TIG 200P DC Pulse PFC Wide Voltage Welder

Save energy with this technologically advanced pulse TIG inverter
£807.31 incl VAT £1,153.20 incl VAT

Jasic TIG 180 DC Dual Voltage Inverter Welder

The Jasic TIG 180 dual voltage welder is equipped with powerful IGBT components and a singular PCB for improved efficiency
£661.50 incl VAT £945.00 incl VAT

Jasic ARC 140 MMA Inverter Welder

The Jasic Arc 140 MMA (Stick) inverter welder is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and a singular PCB for improved efficiency and maintenance.
£216.30 incl VAT

Jasic EVO Arc 160 PFC Inverter Welder

Jasic EVO Arc 160: Advanced welding in a rugged design. Smart controls, safety features, and ClearVision tech for superior performance.
£420.00 incl VAT

Jasic EVO ARC 200 PFC Inverter Welder

Jasic EVO ARV 200 Welder: Advanced tech, rugged design, and safety features for superior welding performance.
£449.40 incl VAT

Jasic EVO MIG 160 PFC Compact Inverter Welder

Jasic MIG 160 PFC Compact Inverter: Advanced features, rugged design, and efficient welding performance in a portable package.
£1,008.00 incl VAT