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2% Ceriated Tungsten 1/16" x 6" (1.6mm x 150mm)

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2% Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes - Grey Tip (Pack of 10)
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2% Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes - Grey Tip (Pack of 10) 

1/16" x 6" (1.6mm x 150mm)
ANSI/AWS A5 12-92 - BS EN 150 6848:2015

These TIG electrodes are alloyed with about 2% ceria, a non-radioactive material and the most abundant of the rare earth elements. The addition of this small percentage of cerium oxide increases the electron emission qualities of the electrode which gives them a better starting characteristic and a higher current carrying capacity with no spitting. 

These are all-purpose electrodes that will operate successfully with AC or DC electrode negative. Compared with pure tungsten, the ceriated tungsten electrodes provide for greater arc stability. They have excellent arc starting properties at low current. If used on higher current applications the cerium oxide may be concentrated to the excessively hot tip of the electrode.
This condition and oxide change will remove the benefits of the cerium. The non radioactive cerium oxide has slightly different electrical properties as compared to the thoriated tungsten electrodes. The cerium electrodes work well with the Advanced Squarewave power sources and should be ground to a modified point.

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